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Internet/Cable Deals

Don't have internet? Looking for a better deal? Stuck In a contract? Contact us for deals in your area. Click on the link below to fill out the form with your budget and needs.

Installed Packages

Package 1


LX1080-44BW          $719.99

1080P - 2MP 4 Camera 8 Channel Analog System 

1TB HDD - 130 FT Night Vision 

Package 2


2KMPX-44           $749.99      

Package 3


4KHDIP-84W         $1,399.99

4K- 8MP 6 Camera  8 Channel System

2TB HDD - 130 FT Night Vision Color

*Taxes and Fees Extras

* Mobile Remote View *More than 1 Story House *7 or more cameras *Network Setup

* Any extra equipment that does not come with your selected camera equipment.

All Packages include basic installation. 

*DVR setup *Camera Installation up to 6 Cameras 

Package Prices only valid if you buy equipment with us.

2K - 4MP 4 Camera  8 Channel System

1TB HDD - 130 FT Night Vision Color

Free Software

Use the link below to navigate to a Malware- Free Download site.

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