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2020 was the year of staying home. Because more people spend more time at home now, they have learned to utilize their spaces in new ways. They also are ready for an upgrade. Parents and professions are remotely , of your life. Easy to break for snacks or a drink, close to call if kids need assistance. And theyre working at the table, too, with remote learning. Work on any electrical and plumbing happens right after the demo. If your plumbing and electrical are in good shape and up to code, you’ll save some money. The same goes if you’re not changing the kitchen’s floor plan, thus you don’t need electrical and plumbing moved to different areas of the room. In that case, the typical lighting and plumbing facelift will cost about $4,500. If you’re changing the floor plan or need more serious work done, then the price goes up to around $15, bathroom make overSubscribe to Genie Bath Systems's Blog The queen of amazing DIYs @thisenglishhome opens in new tab totally transformed her bathroom by making a new cane bath panel on a budget. You can find all the steps you need to know over on , to recreate this look. My YouTube subscribers lit the fire under me! Their comments on my DIY Bathroom Makeover Under $300 video were so positive, encouraging and they pushed me toward my goal of renovating my master bathroom in the $500 budget range. Create DIY shelving with these industrial flanges to help keep your bathroom organized. Use items you already have around the house for DIY shelf decor. Old jars can store a lot of bathroom toiletries. I like your style! I have them linked towards the bottom of the post under the section titled: DIY Bathroom Makeover Sources Projects. They are linked under towel hooks and flower art.modern small kitchen remodelThe kitchen is arguably the most important room in the home, as it’s where many families spend the most amount of time together. To make sure it is perfect, choosing the right kitchen design software is critical. See the details of this wallet-friendly maximize spaces in small kitchens and turn all available cabinets or open shelves into efficient storage. Contemporary kitchen design ideas, that improve functionality with modern organizers and simple decorating can be used to transform small kitchens in any style and creating beautiful, comfortable and modern home interiors. Floating shelves are a perfect DIY project that can be done on the weekend to totally revamp your kitchen’s look. Floating shelves can be installed on bare walls to increase a kitchen’s storage and open things up. Be careful, though, not to over install shelves. """"""""


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