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       We offer different services and all come with a free estimate.

      Some of our services include but are not limited to:

  • Hardware troubleshooting or replacements.

  • Virus / Malware Removal

  • Home or office Network troubleshooting.

  • Setup of new stores. Refurbishing of existing stores.

  • Data Backup - Migrations or new equipment deployments.

  • Camera setup and Asset management.

  • Re-imaging of current systems and Software / Driver installation.

  • And Much more.

Network Support

For new stores we can setup you up with networking equipment for the long run. We will recommend Internet Service providers depending on the area. Install any switches, routers, or servers you at need. From Ethernet cable to getting your POS up and ready for selling. Leave it to us.

We also setup residential or home office networking.

Virus / Malware Removal

Modern Laptop

If your having website redirects. Experiening Advertisements popping up all over your computer. We will thoroughly scan your computer for Malware and viruses. We can remove them for you and have your system back to normal.

Smart Home or Smart office

As technology advances, there are many ways you can communicate with your home or business.  We can setup smart thermostats for those moments you leave in a hurry and need to shut off the Air Conditioner. Setup a smart lock for those inconvenient moments you left your keys somewhere or even lost them. The possibilities are endless.

Hardware Support

We can inspect, diagnose, and troubleshoot any existing hardware equipment. We will try and save any data and have your equipment back up and running.

Cameras and Asset Management

We can setup Surveillance systems either at home or at the office. We set you up with the proper equipment to either watch your inventory or keep your family and employees safe.

Data Migration or Deployments

Does your company use lots of computers? Do you have data everywhere? We can back the data up for you and get you setup. We can keep everything you have as we upgrade or your old equipment to the latest software or hardware. We strive to make this process as easily as possible.

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